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IWDP resources

The Islamic World Discovery Project (IWDP) commissions and sponsors the creation of resources about the Arab and Islamic world for use in Australian schools nationally, with due regard to special requirements of teachers and curricula. IWDP resources address the desired learning outcomes in the broad Humanities, English, the Arts, and Civics and Citizenship domains. IWDP curriculum developers utilise the pedagogical principles that underpin the domains of thinking, interpersonal skills and communication. IWDP formats include:

STUDIES of Society and Environment - a magazine format resource popular with Year 8 to Year 11 students and teachers in the mandatory Study of Society & Environment (SOSE), and also relevant to Geography, History, Media Studies, International Relations, Tourism Studies, and Business & Economics. Two copies of each edition are distributed free of charge to every Australian secondary school.

Big Books - large format, illustrated, Arab and Islamic country specific books popular at Australian primary school level.

Treasures of the Islamic World - a set of fourteen (14) high gloss cards that feature an image of an Islamic artefact on one side and related educational text on the other.

Youth Challenge - practical project-based challenges that stimulate students’ investigation of their local community and of Australia’s global engagement, centred on Australia’s history of relations with the Arab and Islamic world.

Explore Saudi Arabia - A Modern Nation is a 12-page study unit that appears in the popular STUDIES magazine and was distributed to every Australian Secondary school in March 2007.