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Relations between the countries of the Western world and the countries of the Arab and Islamic world need radical realignment if we are to achieve and maintain global security and prosperity.

To increase national security and enhance national harmony in the light of contemporary world events, educators recognise the need to increase knowledge and understanding of the Arab and Islamic world.

The Islamic World Discovery Project (IWDP) team and supporters believe that, for Australia, providing schools with appropriate, reliable and sound information about the contemporary realities of the Arab and Islamic world can lay the foundation for this realignment of relations and assist in the maintenance of national harmony.

Existing curriculum resources in Australia, related primarily to Medieval History, are not a sufficient basis for discussion of important contemporary issues in the classroom.

Australian teachers seek resources that give more broad-based contexts for the study of Arab and Islamic societies, and that match the pedagogical structure of the Australian curriculum and the teaching style of Australian educators.

The Islamic World Discovery Project (IWDP) was established specially in order to provide appropriate curriculum materials to Australian schools.

It is the first project of its kind in Australia, and unique in its aims and its scope.