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About IWDP

Educators in Australia ackowledge that the creation of a multicultural learning environment is the best way to encourage students to value diversity and embrace it in their daily lives.

The Islamic World Discovery Project (IWDP) is precisely as its name suggests - an educational project to take school teachers and their students on a voyage of discovery around the countries of the Islamic world in order to open them up to histories, ideas, cultures and economies that currently are unknown to them or little understood.

To achieve this, the IWDP will make available to Australian schools at Primary and Secondary level curriculum materials and professional development and up-skilling opportunities for teachers in matters related to the Islamic and Arab world.

The IWDP is dedicated to positive learning outcomes. IWDP resources are designed to:

  • increase teacher and student knowledge and understanding of the Arab and Islamic world
  • challenge stereotypes that act as barriers to understanding
  • raise awareness of contemporary issues in the Arab and Islamic world that are of local and global interest and relevance
  • explore and appreciate the contributions made by the Arab and Islamic world to science, mathematics, language, literature and the arts
  • acknowledge the important role of Islam in the global community, including within Australia
  • showcase Islam’s contribution to Western civilisation and Islamic society’s ability to create responsible, capable and ethical young people
  • reflect the good relations that Australia seeks to reinforce with the Arab and Islamic world.